As companies scale, change management becomes more difficult. It isn't as easy to get everyone in the same room to talk through the impacts of a change. Personalities have changed - the team used to be of like mind when you were a start-up. Now, you've had to hire specialists who don't think the same way.

And, that is ok.

But, it means that what used to work doesn't work anymore.

Our years of change management experience can help you get through the next change with less of an impact to your team's productivity. We apply the R.O.C.K. IT Framework in a way that makes change management work for your team.


Understand what the change is going to mean to:

  • Employees

  • Customers

  • Partners

  • Vendors


Templates allow for quick change management planning:

  • Stakeholder map

  • Communication plan

  • Resistance plan

  • Training plan


A well organized roll-out plan that ensures a consistent message and a feedback loop to allow for agile communication as part of the change.


Adoption of change is rooted in understanding 'what's in it for me?' The R.O.C.K. IT Framework is designed to get that answer in front of each person impacted by the change so that they are able to quickly move through their change curve and adopt the future state.