There is a difference between strategic projects and everyday operations; however, both are critical for your business.

When it comes to growing your business, you need to execute your strategic projects successfully while also continuing to run your operations efficiently and effectively.

It is a juggling act.

The daily operations can sometimes distract us from the strategic initiatives because operations can be - or seem to be - urgent.

That urgency can suck up all of your focus and the strategic work can easily get procrastinated.

Our R.O.C.K IT Framework will give you a cadence to allow you to stay focused on your important strategic initiatives while also giving you the flexibility to deal with the urgent operational issues that come up.


Track your strategic initiatives:

  • Active, On Deck, Aspirational

  • Status

  • Objectives

  • Payoff


  • Dashboards

  • KPIs/OCRs/Metrics

  • Resource Planning

  • Project Planning


Cadence that ensures:

  • Focus

  • Accountability

  • Roadblocks are identified early


  • Real time access to strategic initiative dashboard so you are always up to date on status information

  • Dissemination structure to keep all employees informed of the top priorities

  • Visibility and transparency across the company